100 Swims

Sep 8, 2023

This year I have surpassed previous records for the number of lake swims I have enjoyed in my beautiful Waltons Lake. My first swim this season was on May 28th. By July 2nd I had only reached #10 and it was during that swim that I decided I would swim every day rain or shine as long as the season lasted. I reached #100 two days ago . I will determine when the season ends by how warm the air feels not by how chilly the water gets. I stand by the theory that it’s always cold getting in so run in and dunk as quickly as you can. My first plunge never disappoints. I love the refreshing, and mind cleansing time spent emerged in that glorious water every time. It is always worth the effort. Now I realize keeping and sharing my swim tally is not a notable achievement and matters little to anyone but me. But what does matter to me and why I am bothering to write today’s blog to announce my tally is to acknowledge and give voice to the wonderful gift it is to embrace each day and the beauty that surround us however one chooses to do that. Each time I get in the lake I look to the sky , to the trees , the birds in flight and to the rippling water and feel alive and grateful. I come to the lake as some might go to a cathedral and I feel the awesome beauty of creation. As I allow the buoyancy of the water to carry me I accept my place in the vast scheme of things and thank my Higher Power for another day and another summer season. I mourn and rejoice at the same time. I move through the water and gain peace with each stroke. I know this season will end and I look with hope toward the next one. I accept and allow my mind to search for that assurance while at the same time marvel at the present moment. The lake is worship and prayer and thanksgiving. When I finish writing I will take swim # 103.


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