The Year Mrs. Montague Cried book cover

The Year Mrs. Montague Cried

When Taylor is just nine years old, her brother Corey becomes terminally ill. During this time she writes a journal that mirrors her family’s journey through treatment, separation, coming to terms with a terminal illness, and the possible loss of a sibling. It is a touching story of relationships and personal growth, which encourages discussion of many important issues faced by young adults. The novel – Susan White’s first – won the young adult category of the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia 2010 Atlantic Writing Competition.

The novel takes readers through a painful process of grief, acceptance, and then finally courage when faced with death. Taylor’s journal is a moving account of her difficult year in which she learns to accept her brother’s illness and to deal with the tension and strain in her relationships with her parents, her brother, and her relatives. Highly Recommended.

Alicia Cheng

Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver BC