Things to Come

Jun 22, 2016

A few days ago I mentioned the Kong Sunflowers that I had just planted and included a picture of the massive wall of sunflowers at the end of last years growing season. I often make the comparison between gardening and writing. At this time of the year I take great pleasure in watching the seeds I have dropped into the earth germinate, sprout and begin their growth to maturity. Every morning I take a walk past the gardens paying close attention to the green sprouts as they poke through and I watch their gradual and amazing transformation. At this point we have squash, beans, corn, a couple of potatoes plants and the sunflowers sticking up though the ground. Today I took a picture of the first small sign of things to come. The sunflower that will grow to be so large is just two small oval leaves now. I look forward to documenting its progress. I find the same kind of pleasure watching a book take shape. I begin with the seed of an idea, nurture it and watch it develop. Next Wednesday night the harvest of Waiting For Still Water will take place at the Kingston Parish hall. I already hold the finished work in my hands and I look forward to offering it up as friends and family gather to celebrate its existence.


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