A Monday in March

Mar 14, 2022

 I am happy to be sitting at my desk on another Monday in March. We are all mindful of the two year mark and recalling what came in March 2020. Two years have flown by one day, one Covid challenge at a time and here we are. Do we know any more than we did on the days we knew nothing? Today mask mandates and gathering restrictions are lifted.  Vaccination passports  have been done away with and daily case number announcements  have ceased. Many of us have had positive tests and experienced symptoms and isolation. Serious world events and human suffering have taken the forefront of our attention. We certainly know no better in that regard either. Two world wars and many regional wars  have  done nothing to prevent the same forces of greed and power mongering  that have existed since time began. The burden of it all seems too heavy for any of us to carry.  Constant newsfeed and social media manipulation bombard us and we juggle it all with our own personal challenges and heartaches. We trust and distrust at the same time. We feel hope and complete desperation simultaneously. We are weak and strong, laughing and crying , forgiving and angry, compassionate and vengeful , up and down, exhausted and refreshed, clear and confused and only human. We are where we are  in this moment of history. Ours is no more challenging than what our parents and grandparents faced before us  and what our children and grandchildren will endure. We have this day and only the tools available to us  as we know them today. The tools of love , gratitude, resilience,  and courage are ours. What more can we ask for?


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