A New Window

Dec 29, 2014

2014 is almost over. In two more days we will greet the new year. Through a new window we look ahead and through the old window we look behind at the year that is ending. I will not take the time to list or sift through all that happened in the last year. I will as I regularly do read back in my journal and put the days and months in perspective. I will also think ahead to what I expect the coming days and months to bring. I will prepare for some of the events ahead and believe that the things I look forward to will come to be. We have a wedding to celebrate, a book to launch and a book week tour to do. I hope these things become real experiences that I can document in my 2015 journal. I don’t know of course what challenges or difficulties will be interspersed that could quickly change the events I have mapped out for the months ahead. I say this not with fear , worry or trepidation, just with a knowledge of how life has a way of unfolding in a manner we don’t always predict. The new window offers a vast array of opportunity and each day will come with possibility and blessings and hopefully the strength we require. So on to whatever 2015 brings.


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