Another Snowy Day

Jan 31, 2015

What a winter wonderland ! That is how I am choosing to see it. What a lot of snow no matter how you look at it. I just came in from a snowshoe trek. It wasn’t a really long one and I didn’t even venture up into the woods, as being home alone I thought if I didn’t make it back out no one would even know to go looking for me. I walked instead out my back door , through the anniversary garden over a drift at least four feet high and down to the basement door in hopes of convincing Biscuit to come out with me. He would have no part of it. From there(alone) I trudged past the swing set, the swings almost touching the snow , across the driveway and over the field to the far end of the garden. As I stepped in tracks that were so deep you could hardly lift your snowshoe out I thought of the hot past July days when I had stood in the same spot and pulled weeds or picked beans. I followed the fence along to the rest of that lower garden where squash had grown and we had pulled carrots. I visited the pigs in their cosy shelter and tramped down yard. I made my way up to the route and headed back to the house. I had not gone far but I had had quite an outing on a stormy day when I could not go anywhere even if I wanted to. For now I do not care that I cannot go anywhere. I have a warm and comfortable house. I have the hope of seeing the ground , the grass and everything else that now lies buried under this deep white blanket . Tomorrow, February will begin bringing us closer to many of the things we are looking forward to this spring. I have chosen the cover for The Memory Chair , previewed the interior and await the moment I hold the book in my hand. I look forward to Meg and Cody’s wedding. I am anxiously awaiting my May tour days in Ontario. I also look ahead to the days when I will stand where today I made deep snowshoe tracks and again drop seeds into the rich soil when this winter offering eventually melts and the seasons change.


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