August Arrives

Aug 1, 2016

Today on this first day of August I take a few minutes to catch my breath to reflect and look ahead. I took my kayak out this morning , paddling around the bend and pulling up on the rocky shore at the bottom of the steep incline leading up to Chapin and Brianne’s new house. I disembarked, tethered my kayak and climbed the bank to sit on their shore. Amazing and just exactly what I needed to process the last few weeks and see a clear path for the month ahead. I stared at the water lilies and grasses,their reflections as vibrant as the actual plant above the surface and thought how that mirrors the concrete and the spiritual aspects of our lives. That balance is the key to our wellness and I am thankful for the moments I am given when I immerse myself in the beauty of the earth and listen to my heart. ” I don’t know anything better than what Amelia knew to teach us.”(quote from Zac on pg. 233 in Waiting For Still Water)I am going to cut this entry short and get on with my day. Lots to do as I regroup from a busy July and accept the gifts August has to provide while I anticipate the big gift of getting back to work in September.


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