Back at Bayside

Jan 18, 2019

Yesterday I returned to Bayside Middle School for another successful Book Club day. It was wonderful from start to finish despite the cold, biting wind I braved walking from the parking lot.The day was warm though on so many levels. Twenty one students gathered in the library for the entire day. Whatever mayhem and chaos( typical middle school)was taking place in the halls or classrooms the library remained a place of quiet reflection, serious discussion and meaningful interaction . The kids had read one of five of my books.The insight and depth of understanding for each story was very heartwarming for this author.My favorite part of the day’s program was when the students read chosen passages from the book they’d read.Their reading brought new life to the familiar words I wrote, rewrote and labored over before securing them to the page. It occurs to me that that is the true value of writing. The words blossom and grow from where they are planted gaining something more with each reading.What a gift it is for me to hear and see that take place before my eyes. That memory will keep me writing.Mr Laskey treated us all to pizza and then we took our lunch break.We filled the afternoon with talk of writing and putting some words to paper.We accomplished a lot with much discussion and reflection. There was not a lot of writing time but in those students I saw bright sparks of creativity and compassion and have no doubt that the potential for great writing was smoldering in that room.Thank you so much to Mr Laskey, Mrs Roy and Gabrielle, Myles, Ava,Sierra, Sarah,Danica,Oluwatomilayo,Kaitlyn, Pacey,Mike,Tyra,Chloe, Willien, Tori,Kaison,Zach,Jessica,Natalie, Ben, Ella and Ally. I hope the day meant as much to you as it did to me.


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