Back From Britain

Apr 25, 2023

This time last year, this time last week, this time the week before… I can often be heard saying such things. I do find myself thinking what I was doing this time last week, last month and last year. It always amazes me how quickly time passes. In late December I considered signing up for a Go and Write Writing Retreat in London and the Cotswold’s to take place in April. I weighed all the pros and cons , debated the affordability and talked it over with Burton. He encouraged me to go. I thought it over for a few days deciding to make the final decision by New Year’s day. I signed up and sent my deposit January 1st. Then I set about to plan and figure out all the logistics of going. I booked flights, hotels. theatre tickets , walking tours and scraped together the rest of the money to pay for the trip. I then set out to convince myself that I was up to travelling alone and that my investment was a wise one. I counted down the months , weeks and days until the time came for departure. I quieted my doubts, settled my nerves and set out for the UK. The ten days flew by as I knew they would. I enjoyed it all and am very glad I took the leap. I made lots of memories, made new friends, connected with old friends, had laughs , shed tears , did lots of writing and got lots of inspiration. I was thrilled to get back home and thrilled that I went. All went well and for every part of it I am grateful. I read back in my journal and remember every day. I have photographs that will remind me of the days spent at the Mad Hatter in London and in Abbot’s Grange in Broadway in the Cotswold’s. I hope my work in progress entitled Such a Winter’s Day will hold morsels of the experiences I had on that April retreat. I hope friendships I made and cultivated will last and I hope whatever I offered fellow writers will resonate with them. This time last week I sat in the stunning Great room at Abbot’s Grange surrounded by a group of warm and caring writers far away from family, friends and the circle of love that supports me on a day when I especially need reminded of how important love and connection are . That day I touched a tree that stood long before me and hopefully will stand long after I am gone. Later I photographed that same tree lit brightly in the darkness. May we all stand strong for the days. weeks, months and years we are given on this earth and may our light shine long after we are gone.


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