Computers, Writing and Cheese

Apr 22, 2014

I have my new computer and the learning curve has not been too treacherous. I did have a bit of difficulty getting back on to my blog but it seems that I figured it out or simply kept trying until something worked. I had to change my password and maybe that had more to do with privacy issues than it being a new operating system. I am talking like I know what I am talking about but I really don’t. All I know is I am back on my blog. I am quickly writing an entry before heading out for my walk. I have been writing like crazy for the last two days. I would really like to keep at it but my dogs are waiting. I will stop for the day but let my mind wander on my walk to keep the story moving. On Thursday I am going to Roachville to meet with the owner of Armadale Farms. I am interested in hearing of their experience in starting a cheese making business. Part of the storyline in the book I am working on involves a young woman who starts her own cheese making business. I look forward to the research and the cheese.I will write a longer entry next time Megan(my blog coach)


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