Even in Our Sleep

Apr 29, 2021

Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until in our own despair , against our will comes wisdom through the awful grace of God. Aeschylus

Sleep is my welcome escape and yesterday was one of those days I retreated to it; two naps and an anticipated bedtime.But sleep does not always grant me the escape I desire.A few weeks ago Frank on Blue Bloods recited this Aeschylus quote. Oh how true I find this to be. I have nights where the pain shows up drop by drop somethimes in a flood that nearly overwhelms me. Last night was one such night. My dear friend Ruth who so lovingly attended to my early pain(water closet office, red cross slippers,and so much more) was in my dream administering her wisdom and compassion. Ruth walks her own grief path these days and I hold her in my heart this morning. I struggled a bit with the processing of my dream and considered not getting up. I have another entire thread for an entry about the not getting up , not returning from my wood road walks , never getting out of my morning bath but maybe I’ll tackle that another day. I got up and in scrolling FB I came upon wisdom from another trusted and respected source; author, friend Sheree Fitch. She stated that  gratitude  saves us from despair.Despair, our own despair; a condition we all find ourselves and must  repeatedly pull ourselves out of.Against our will comes wisdom. So the snippet of wisdom I was given in last night’s dream will add to the snippets  I’ve received in the past. Much of that wisdom is relearned daily through that awful but powerful grace of God. So my grateful heart takes in the sunshine, gazes at the budding trees and the beautiful yellow of my blossoming forsythia, marvels at this another day  


ve been given, quiets the fear and sorrow of last night’s pain and puts both feet firmly on the floor.


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