February Winding Down

Feb 26, 2012

Sunday morning. Caleb just left to take his father to catch his flight for a two week exercise in the USA. It is a beautiful morning and after a bit of straightening up from Burton’s packing frenzy I will spend the day writing. Meg and the girls come Wednesday night and I expect that my writing time will be limited while they are here. Final edits done on Ten Thousand Truths and now back in Terrilee’s hands. I await cover choices which I look forward to. Moving along on my story set in 1917. I will write today, Monday and Tuesday and then get back to it when the girls go home. I am very excited to have a good long visit with my daughter and two grand babies. I have a school visit on Thursday and then all my time will be given to enjoying Emma and Paige and giving Meg a good dose of grandmother time. My friend Alice just self published a delightful book ( Half a Loaf is Better Than Broccoli) filled with many funny kid stories from her 35 years of teaching. Congratulations Alice Edson.


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