First Lake Swim of 2011

Jun 7, 2011

I am one happy writer or should I say swimmer. I just took my first lake swim of the season. I was planting the last of the beans and feeling the afternoon heat, (wearing long pants and a bug jacket will heat you up) and thought it was time to get in the lake. I love my numerous trips a day to the lake in the summer time  and have been looking forward to them since my last swim in September. Last year our first swim was on the May long weekend but this spring has been much colder. I headed to the lake hoping that my desire would win over and that I wouldn’t chicken out when  I felt the frigid water temperature.I waded out past my knees and after a few minutes my exposed flesh got used to the water. “I can do this” I kept telling myself. If Burton had been with me he would have  jumped right  in letting out a holler that would send  the pair of loons that were swimming quite close by ,to the other side of the lake.I just took my time hoping that I would finally take the plunge. I did! It was beautiful. Let the swimming begin. Next step is to get my kayak in the lake and get myself out each morning to enjoy what that has to offer. I am one lucky duck! Chickens, loons and ducks oh, and the two Canada Geese that are considering making our pond their new home. Maybe my post should have been titled “For the Birds”.


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