Hockey and Book Clubs

Feb 23, 2014

Sunday morning on the last day of the Sochi Olympics and what are most Canadians doing? Watching Hockey.I am writing a blog entry, listening to hockey while my husband watches it downstairs. I have no worries that if Canada scores I will hear a loud announcement from below. I care. Of course I want Canada to win but I don’t care very much. I did enjoy the excitement and dramatic play of the gold medal woman’s hockey game. I even left my office when Poulin got her goal in the last 54 seconds to go downstairs to watch the end of the tied game and the overtime when they were able to execute a win for the gold. What I care more about are book clubs, people reading books and even more, people reading my books. I care about that a lot. Yesterday I met with a Mother /Daughter book club. I t was a beautiful almost spring like day so it was understandable that their numbers were down a bit but the girls and moms that came were so kind. I really enjoyed the questions, discussion and comments.Afterwards three of the girls asked me questions about their own writing aspirations and I was happy to offer whatever encouragement I could. Perhaps they will find time and a place for their writing in their lives a bit sooner than I did.So here we are part way through the third period , Canada leading 2-0. Chances are that Canada will get the gold.We will all know soon enough one way or the other.


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