More Than Just a Valentine

Feb 14, 2016

I am beginning my day with some Valentines day reflections. On our kitchen table there is a vase filled with beautiful orange tinged roses. They are not mine. The last time Burton gave me roses he had them delivered to Rothesay Elementary School so it was sometime before 1986. I chastised him a bit telling him not to waste money on flowers, lobster or a meal out would be better use of our limited funds. That put a stop to flowers real quick. The roses are Ashlies and I am happy to be a part of enjoying the beauty of them. I am however not the least bit disappointed that I did not receive a token of love from my husband. I had considered celebrating this morning by going out for breakfast but quickly decided against it. Why leave the warmth and comfort of our home. It may seem as if I am just trying to convince myself that no gifts or celebration of Valentines day is perfectly fine with me. It is just another day and I am so blessed to be a part of a love that has endured many many days. Burton and I started this journey about 44 years ago when we started going out ( although I don’t remember going out much) in Grade Nine. We had a couple of sabbaticals (I like to call them) and after re connecting we got married in 1977.I could go in to detail about the ups and downs this journey has taken us. I would rather just dwell on the gifts our love has given us. Four beautiful children, three wonderful in law kids, two delightful grandchildren, many dogs , a house and a home that has grounded us. So without roses, lobster or a fancy restaurant meal, even without a card we celebrate this Valentines Day and let our hearts fill with gratefulness at what has been and what we hope for ahead. Notice the heart shape in the middle of the wall of our cordwood home. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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