My Glass Half Full

Dec 16, 2017

I love rum and eggnog.It is a December thing and I treat myself to one glass a night. I seldom overdo it but each evening as I sit and sip I treasure all the blessings of the season. Oh how I could get caught up in the glass half empty approach but I will not even entertain that list but will spend a few minutes on the half full list. Entirely full really when I examine my plethora of blessing. Number one is my wellness both physical , mental and emotional. Oh how I celebrate my wellness.I acknowledge the journey that has brought me that wellness and I realize the key elements that maintain it and do not take them for granted.Number two is my home with its flaws and its shortcomings with the changes it has seen over the years. I am thankful for each room, each piece of furniture , each aspect that makes it unique and ours. This home was built and created and has housed a family blessed with love .It has sheltered us in storms and heartache and has witnessed our journey. I am thankful for the generations; the grandparents, great aunts and uncles, aunts, uncles, cousins, children and grandchildren who have passed through our doors and have left their mark on who we are and who we will be. Friends have gathered and laughed and cried with us.I am thankful for the seasons and see each one as a gift. Winter’s cold, the snow, the ice and wind are part of another year we have been given. We take assurance in remembering each season of the past and as Burton always says, “We haven’t freezed to death yet.” Today I hope to stand the tree up and possibly begin decorating it. I will take each treasured ornament from the boxes placing them on the branches and feel gratitude, peace and comfort. I will not allow the hype and pressure to rob me of my glass half full. It is a choice and I make that choice deliberately and mindfully.My glass is overflowing.


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