News as November Starts

Nov 1, 2013

Another month begins and I look back at the busy month that was October. Yesterday I had another school visit and met with a Family Dynamics class at KV High School. It was a quick hour but I enjoyed sharing some parts of Ten Thousand Truths with the very attentive (and it was Halloween) class.Tuesday I finished book # 4 (before editing of course) and sent it off to be considered for publication.After months of work I let it go and hope for the best.I got an e-mail this week telling me that I was chosen to launch The Sewing Basket in the OLA Mass Book Launch in Toronto in January. That’s great news and I look forward to the trip and being a part of the OLA Super Conference. The Sewing Basket also made it into the Fall edition of Best Books for kids and teens. Yesterday I got an envelope filled with wonderfully written and supportive letters from the Grade 5 students at Lakewood Heights. I enjoyed reading every letter. I will read them again whenever my confidence is low. Those sentences that say things like “you are truly an amazing writer” are nice to re read.I started book # 5 yesterday afternoon and look forward to some consistent writing time in November and December before Christmas interferes with my writing days.


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