Ready, Set ,Go

Mar 25, 2014

I just got back from a few days at my daughter’s home in Alberta. Emma invited me to her dance recital and I couldn’t let a mere 4913 km keep me from going.It still amazes me that I can be in Alberta in the morning and back in my own bed at night. I quite enjoy flying and my air miles earned flights yesterday took me from Edmonton to Toronto to Halifax and finally to Saint John. Three different sized planes, the last one being about the size of a good sized travel trailer. You could stand in the aisle and touch both sides and could go right up the the pilot and ask “are we there yet?”The plane before was a huge luxury Boeing with two aisles , pods in first class(not that I got to sit in one)and several flight attendants not really attending to you unless you were sitting in a pod. Maybe someday I will experience that.For each successful take off and landing and staying in the air in between I am thankful. And I am thankful I can get out to see my granddaughters so easily.Paige is getting language at a rapid and amazing rate. She has a couple of words that her dad contributed to her repertoire and although HUH? seems cute at first it could get a bit annoying and hopefully she will refine her questioning techniques. She has “Why” down pat for sure. Another one of her favourite phrases right now is “Ready, set , go” as she sends toys flying from any surface to the floor.To be exact she seems to be leaving out the “ready” but very enthusiastically calls out the “set,go” part. So this morning as I enjoy being back home I am reflecting on my days with the girls and looking to the days ahead.Here is my “Ready, Set ,Go”. Write today, big storm brewing for tomorrow,waiting to hear from my publisher with hopes of a book coming out sometime in 2014, waiting for results of application for CC Grant, trip to Mexico for friend’s daughter’s wedding, facing the 15th anniversary of life without Zac, our 37th wedding anniversary,and SPRING. I know according to the calendar spring is here now but let’s have some spring weather. I am looking forward to seeing the ground again and seeing buds start on the trees and shrubs.So today I say with Paige “Ready , set ,go” and let’s see where everything lands.


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