Reflections and Remembering

Nov 25, 2019

I had no intention of writing on my blog today. I have a bath run and a morning to get to. I write on Mondays and look forward to taking my WIP further along. But I went to my blog, reading entries from this time last year which I often do. So for the last few minutes I have been reading and crying.Reflection and remembering; time wasted or time well spent? For me it is the latter. For me it gives me hope and happiness remembering the blessings and challenges of the past. I will not get to enter my Aunt Alice’s house again, I will not get to talk on the phone with my Mom or visit Gladys again but the essence and value of it all remains deep within my heart and memory. So to read back strengthens me and gives me the momentum for this day, for this approaching Christmas season,and for this season of my life.Maybe this is the exercise and warm up routine a writer needs. Feeling and remembering are fuel for the fire that I attempt to bring to the page.Ok the tears have been cried ,the emotional stretches done and I am ready for this day.


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