Simonds High’s Finest

Mar 30, 2016

I am on a bit of a roll (knock on wood) with my WIP. But I just got a text from my blog coach(daughter) so I will stop writing for a few minutes , begin an entry and see where it leads me. One has to keep her fans happy even if it is only my daughter, who must be having a fairly slow day at work. My last entry was a bit of a whining fest. I had not had a wonderful, ego stroking school visit and was disappointed by the experience. I have since put it in clearer perspective and even received some written responses from the kids and realize I may have underestimated the success of the day. I remain convinced that kindergarten and grade nine students present a challenge quite different from the other grade levels but apparently their body language ,showing complete disconnection is not entirely to be believed. Still haven’t seen evidence of this from kindergarteners but the e-mail containing many kind remarks that the teacher sent me yesterday definitely disproved my belief that no one was listening. I will share a few of my favorites. ‘The entirety of her presentation had my full attention because it was so interesting.’ ( me thinks that he protests too much)’Her story about school made me realize I should try in school and I enjoyed hearing it.’ ‘I like this author because she tells some really good tips on life, and I think everyone should take the tips she gives.’ ‘I liked the stories she wrote.’ ‘It was an interesting visit and I hope she comes back again.’ Well I don’t know about that but at least now I have not sworn off school visits forever. I sometimes forget that when I was teaching I came home at least once a week convinced I was wasting my life and every attempt at reaching my students was useless and downright impossible. I always rallied from those dark days too. How would we ever recognize success if we didn’t experience failure? This might be my favorite remark. “Susan White is an example of Simonds High’s finest.’ I am sure that in that grade nine audience some of Simonds High’s finest are hiding as well.


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