Snow, Rain , Repeat

Feb 11, 2018

So it appears the winter of 2017-2018 is a continuous pattern of snow, rain ,repeat. One day the fields and wood roads are covered with a lovely fresh snow cover , then the heavy rain comes followed by frigid temperatures and everything is covered with ice.We shall see how treacherous walking will be today.The lightly falling snow this morning is supposed to turn to freezing rain later in the day. I have only snow shoed twice, I have walked most days, and on several occasions have chosen to stay home because of road conditions. It is the reality of winter . Another aspect of winter for me has been the pattern of edit, revise repeat. For the seventh time I have spent January and February working with my editor with the end goal of preparing a book for publication. It is a process I have come to appreciate very much. I have been fortunate to work with three wonderful editors.I worked on my first two books with the same editor and remember panicking when my publisher assigned a different editor for book three. She was wonderful . Then book four offered a different editor and again I felt panic. Now after working on four books with Penelope we have a bond of trust and respect. She is so patient with my bad habits. I have learned so much in the process.I hope for the snow, rain pattern to end. I hope for more days when snow falls without the rain, allowing me to trek up the wood road and snowshoe off the beaten track. I look forward to holding my next book which will be the reward for embracing the winter of 2018.


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