Something From Nothing Part 2

Feb 12, 2017

In November I wrote about Caleb building something from nothing, a new home for Tess and the others. It occurred to me that I hadn’t followed up on that and shown or written about the finished building. They were reluctant to go in it at first. Tess is a hearty breed and she does not mind the cold or snow. She is the queen of the pasture and the others pretty much do what she tells them. They now take shelter and get fed in there and have accepted it as home. The field beside the shed has been ice covered and treacherous for weeks but now has a good snow cover. According to the weather forecast it will have a deeper cover by tomorrow night. This morning however the sun is shining brightly. Again Caleb had a plan and carried it through, adding to the structures housing the animals on this farm. Watching from the sidelines I am filled with pride and contentment. I can not think of a better life than the one we have right here. This whole farm, our family and the life we have was indeed something we built from nothing. Just two crazy kids falling in love in grade nine and believing they could do what they set their minds to. I am so thankful that Caleb and Ashlie and Chapin and Brianne have that same belief.


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