The Day is Here

Oct 4, 2021

 “Don’t do the Math”, Paige said each time she asked “guess how many more days before my birthday. “The day is here, the day she was so anxiously waiting for. Today she turns ten and to her it is exciting and a day to celebrate. And of course we will celebrate with her but for us it holds so much more. Double digits is a milestone and Paige is happy to embrace it but for those of us who have spent the last ten years with this lovely little human being we are sad for the turning point. Where has that delightful baby, happy toddler, funny , brave and adventurous four year old , inquisitive seven year old,  the kind and  intuitive nine year old gone when the calendar tells us she’s reached the double digits. All those ages are still there of course. Photographs and memories remain and the personality this ten year old possesses is the combination of every year , every age and every day she’s already lived. So now we watch the next year unfold and see her continue to grow and evolve. It is the sadness and the joy of living; taking each stage and each season we’re given. So today we love and celebrate the ten year old Paige. How very blessed we are!



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