The Days of June

Jun 11, 2013

We are in to the days of June. Spring has held back some of its sun and warmth and only teased us a few times with the promise of summer. I have not jumped in the lake yet and am behind my last two years swim date. I have most of the garden in but nothing has come up yet.I thought I was possibly done book four but after sharing it and looking at it through my friend Barb’s eyes realize it is not finished and I will take any rainy days of summer to work on it and maybe not get it done until I go back to work in September. Yesterday I saw that The Sewing Basket made the list of books on Woozles Battle of the Books 2014. That is great. I love that students in Nova Scotia will read it as they prepare for the Battle of the Books. Thank you Woozles! No NBArts grant this year for this author but luckily I am not in this for the money.


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