The Joys of January

Jan 10, 2017

Walking up the driveway yesterday I was overcome with the joys of January. I looked toward my home surrounded by a good cover of snow. The veranda roof and dormers held sculptured snow and the smoke was rising from the chimney into the cold air. I knew my warm and comfortable home awaited me. The last stretch always pushes my limits a bit and as I get closer to the house I feel a wonderful exhilaration. I have not put my snowshoes on yet as I am able to walk the road Chapin has plowed and the wood trails Burton has broken with the tractor. But soon I will strap on my snowshoes and head off the beaten paths. I look forward to the months ahead that hold that daily joy. For another winter we will watch the wood pile wane while the heat each piece provides embraces us. The enterprise is a labor of love that I am thankful Burton is still able to deliver. It is who we are and so much more than just a heating choice. I can’t imagine a different choice and hope for many more wood burning winters to come. January cold, January sun, January snow ,January days and nights are now my current joy and I will immerse myself in the pleasure they bring.


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