Welcome 2013

Jan 2, 2013

The sun is streaming through my office window and I am warm even though the outside temperature is -17. The furnace is well stocked , the kitchen stove is beginning to heat the water in the kettle and I am sitting in the quiet comfort of this room letting the frenzy of the last week settle.Yesterday we welcomed a large group of family and friends for our now annual New Years Day feast. For two days I work non stop to present a meal reflective of the efforts we have put in to growing vegetables, preserving the harvest and raising turkeys, chickens and pigs over the summer and fall months.I look to 2013 thankful for the gifts of 2012, ready to receive the blessings and challenges that lie ahead and very thankful for the memories I hold within the walls of this house and in my heart. I celebrate the people ,place and purpose I have been given.


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