What Cleaning Is

Feb 18, 2017

Today was supposed to be a cleaning day. I made my extensive list and hoped to get through every room in the house. Very ambitious and I was nowhere near successful. I got through two; the laundry room and the den. I also went to get Eva at a sleepover and went to Sunny’s 7th birthday party. I went across the river for Chinese food and had Caleb and Ashlie for supper. I also managed to get a lovely wood road walk in. So the rest of the list waits, possibly for tomorrow. As I was engaged in the little bit of cleaning I did get done, I thought about what cleaning is. I have said before that it is a form of worship. If that is the case I do not worship enough in that capacity. Let me expound on that thought. First of all I am not much of a cleaner. Now I do keep things relatively neat. I like order and I am quite particular about certain things. I ALWAYS make my bed. I keep my kitchen counters fairly clear and I don’t have a lot of clutter. The worshipful aspect of cleaning is I believe the paying attention and being grateful for our blessings. I do not aspire to have expensive or showy things but I do enjoy the things I have. There are many items in my home that hold a lot of meaning and value to me. When I take the time to dust them, vacuum or sweep around them ,or rearrange them I am acknowledging and focusing on the gift of having them. Today for instance when I dusted the set of Willow tree figures Brianne and Chapin gave me some time ago I concentrated on the beauty of them. I also thought of the significance : a mother embracing her daughter, a father kneeling and hugging his son, two brothers hugging. These figures represent my family and they hold a special place on the windowsill in my den. I see them every day but do I really see them. Cleaning makes me take the time to see. We can get caught up sometimes and complain about having to clean. What a stupid thing to complain about really. Our homes and the possessions that need cleaning are blessings. I look ahead to more worship time tomorrow.


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