What This Day Gave Me

Jul 23, 2022

 The sun is setting. The cross breeze I feel through the two open windows has only a slight coolness but thankfully this is the least stifling room upstairs. After my evening swim I sat awhile on the front veranda and reflected on this day. It was a hot one. Many places are dealing with heat waves and our temperatures are high as well. I am so thankful for my lake and after a long hot day jumping in felt amazing. It was market day and despite my early morning reluctance to leave my bed I was blessed yet again with both return readers and new ones. I saw a woman approach my table and knew she looked familiar . This often happens and I quickly search my mind  for a name or memory of a previous interaction. When this lady spoke I knew the connection right away. Her Irish accent and the name she spoke took me right back to another day  years ago when I met her friend Georgie who was visiting from Ireland. I don’t exactly remember which book Georgie bought but I remember I took one or two more to the Kingston store and met her a few days later as she was returning to Ireland and wanted more books. Several times since her friend has come and bought her my latest and sent them over to her. How amazing is that! I had one woman come up to my table today with all my books listed and the years they were published looking for two she was missing. I stood and caught up with several friends one of which was visiting Saint John for her 51st High School reunion. She found her way to the market to see me and get some books. We talked a long time but it did not feel long enough. I stood and talked to another dear friend about the huge task she has ahead of her as she prepares for her son’s wedding. We too needed more chatting time. While talking I glimpsed a woman  I knew I should know , nodded hello and then spent the next while racking my brain to recall who she was and how I knew her. Overstimulated I call it and sometimes I feel like my brain freezes up. It can be somewhat exhausting especially in the heat. I do apologize to the people I forget or the mistakes I make in my muddled brain. Then instead of heading home to the lake and an afternoon nap Burton and I went with friends on a bit of a road trip to celebrate the life of a dear friend with her husband , her son and daughter, their partners and  Cindy and Terry’s two beautiful granddaughters. Cindy lost her life a year ago March  and in this  Covid altered world we had never gathered with the loved ones she left behind. What a blessing it was to do that today. What a blessing and what a reminder of what really matters in this life. Take each day, show up and love the life you are blessed to be living. Love your people and give back the best you can. Jump in the lake and gaze at the open sky. Be thankful for the gifts of each day and close the day with a joyful heart even if tears are streaming down your cheeks. 


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