When I’m 82

Mar 25, 2019

My daughter doubles as my blog coach. She often gives me a nudge or reminder that it is time to write another entry. A few nights ago she woke up in the early hours and not being able to get back to sleep she began reading my blog from the beginning. She commented on the trajectory my entries have taken and observed their improvement over the years. Thinking back to when I started I am not even sure what my motivation was. I am a journal keeper and I guess at first it was just a different approach to journaling. I am not sure who I envisioned my readers being or what I thought they might get from reading my entries. I certainly saw it as a way to share my writing and highlight my work but I think it has become more than that. I have the goal in the back of my mind that after the publication of my tenth book I would like to compile some of the entries into a book. I have the title and the theme in mind. Asked to say what the theme of my blog is I might answer that being thankful ranks among the most obvious. I think too it is an attempt to be present in the day by day goings on , the seasons, the challenges, the joys and sorrows of life. I find it heartening that my daughter cares about this effort and actually looks forward to new entries thus encouraging me when there has not been one for awhile. I told her earlier today when she suggested I write one before heading out to her Alberta home and being away for a week that I would write one tonight and so that is what I am doing. Sitting down I did not know what it would be about. Sometimes I feel a pressing need to unload and find sense in things by writing on my blog.I put it on top of my list this early evening . The other items on the list have to do with getting ready to go away, relaxing and an early bedtime before catching an early morning flight. I spent the afternoon engaged in one of the most affirming activities I get to enjoy once a month. I have mentioned the 82 Moms in previous entries. The 82 Moms; a group made up of eight women connected by the fact they had babies in 1982. It was actually my daughter who named us and we claim the name proudly. This afternoon Penny started a story with the words” my boy who gave me entrance into the 82 Moms” to tell us something about her son. There was much discussion as there always is. So much wisdom and compassion in the room. Some similar experiences, similar worries and concerns. The bond is strong and supportive. We laughed today at the thought that someday the 82 Moms would be 82 and looking at the math of that know just how quickly the years to get us there will go by . Our 82 babies are turning 37 and we know none of us are likely to have another 37 years. But we had today. We sat and ate, we laughed, we shared, we gave each other encouragement and thoughtful advice.We parted giving each other good wishes for our plans in the month ahead. We set our date and place for April and anticipate our next get together.Just as our last 37 years went one day and one month at a time our next years will as well. I know that is not ground breaking news but I believe something worth reminding ourselves when we get caught up in our challenges and problems.Each day a gift and the love of friends and family the treasure!


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