When Weary is Wonderful

Nov 17, 2022

November is upon us and we are already midway through. I have often proclaimed my love of this deary, chilly and dark month. I see it as a respite , a pause and a preparation month. The vibrant colors of October have vanished leaving naked deciduous trees , green softwoods and dull Tamarac with just a hint of color in our landscapes. Debate swirls over when to turn on Christmas lights, when to put up Christmas tress and when to decorate our homes and storefronts. That of course is a personal choice. Today’s entry title came to me as I brought up my new post page. I am indeed weary . Since the end of March we have been caught up in the huge undertaking of passing the torch, downsizing, moving on to our next stage, selling our home to our son and his fiancé and  establishing a new home up the road. It has indeed been a huge task but we are almost done with the main part of it. My journal pages hold the details of each challenge, each hurtle and each victory. The saying” If  only I knew then what I know now…” comes to mind. This journey has not been for the weak or faint of heart. Patience has been tried and  tested  but on all counts I think we have done our best to be positive, kind and hopeful. On this quiet November day I sit with my weariness and take the gifts it offers. Things will ramp up in a few days and the next frenzied lap of this marathon will begin. I am so anxious to settle in to our new home and make it our own. I am also anxious to watch Caleb and Jenna make the house we are leaving, their very own. This will unfold as it will, in time to  celebrate Christmas which will be the icing on the cake. We knew this transition would not be an easy or painless one but oh the blessings it has delivered along the way. This has been a November and a season in our lives that we will remember and treasure. My weary heart, muddled mind and tired body rejoices in the recovery, rest and renewal we have been blessed with. Let the Christmas lights sparkle!


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