A Heart Almost Bursting

Mar 10, 2019

Here I am siting at my desk on another Sunday morning. My mind and heart are bursting. The fullness is truly a mix of every emotion. I feel the sorrow , sadness and deep emotion of my Aunt Lois’ Wednesday passing. Such deep sadness and a plethora of memory , gratitude and love flooded my brain the moment I got Joy’s message. ” Mom has passed”. Oh boy those three words carry such enormous weight. I drove to Joy and John’s home the next day and was privileged to be part of Jan, Joy and Julie’s grieving journey of planning and processing. Yesterday the sun shone brightly and I had the pleasure of walking our wood road to the top of the hill allowing the last few days to settle into my soul. I also looked at the inventory of sorrow, loss, worry and concern I carried to the top of the hill. It did not disperse completely but I found a place for it and my burden was lighter on the walk down. This morning I am filled with a calm optimism even though the sadness I feel for several situations remains.Tomorrow we will drive to Moncton for my beloved aunt’s funeral. I will stand beside my three cousins and my cousin’s daughter and we will share words of love and memory. We will honor the life of Lois Ella (Wetmore) Faulkner. We will say goodbye knowing she is not really leaving us. Today I will write , I will cook , I will clean, I will take another healing walk and I will process all the joys and sorrows my life holds. My heart will burst, tears will flow and hope will bubble to the surface.I can think of no better way to use the gift of this day.


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