Same Old , Same Old

Mar 3, 2019

The title of today’s blog entry does not sound very optimistic but in writing it I will attempt to find the joy and hope in it. I just read some of my past January and February entries and see the same experiences and the same thoughts that are on my mind and heart this morning.I have some of the same concerns and worries and look ahead to some of the same joys and blessings. I have spent the weekend alone while Burton traveled with a friend for an annual curling get away. I love the time alone but feel bogged down by it at the same time. I am housebound and have been given the gift of staying home. I sweep the floor again, make the bed again, put another load of laundry in the washer. I pour my morning cup of coffee into my favorite cup.The book I am working on is centered around the daily minutiae of the main character’s life and I am struggling with how to make that captivating, interesting and important to the reader. Interesting challenge which seems parallel to today’s introspection. How do I transcend the same old feeling that can sometimes seem like a deep rut? I take great comfort in the familiar; the daily writing in my journal, my list making , my walks and my simple joys.How do we truly pay attention and appreciate the day by day beauty of our lives, the same old same old? How do we show up and be thankful? I usually believe I know the answer to those questions. I usually am very content with the same old same old but I also recognize the discontent that sometimes seeps in.So today as the sun shines through my office window and the day stretches out ahead I will embrace it all. I will walk the wood road and look up at the vast sky, the same old sky, let my heart be full and choose happiness.


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