A January Monday Morning

Jan 22, 2018

I love the ebb and flow of weeks, months and seasons. It is a much different flow than my working life provided for 29 years. The ebb and flow of those days was tied to the school calendar and all the demands teaching brought. I was pulled by the powerful force of teaching and raising kids and running a home.These days the tug is much different and I am more or less in control of it. Yesterday I cleaned and cooked and hosted another Sunday night supper. Brianne after a busy and demanding week was regrouping and looking ahead to exam week which finalizes the efforts of first term before ramping up for the demands of second term. Ashlie talked about her new job which she started this morning after completing her business degree.I am so proud of how she persevered and kept going through all the challenges she has faced.The boys sat watching football taking rest from their many pursuits.Burton and I are at such a different stage and our Monday mornings look so different too. I will sit at my keyboard and prepare my school visit to an elementary school tomorrow then get back to work on my WIP. Burton will finish the farm chores and head to the woods clearing a new pasture for Caleb and Chapin’s cattle.I will walk or snowshoe later . Almost every day Burton says” We’ve got a great life Mrs. White.” I could not agree more.I love Mondays and January and all the gifts my life has given me. I love looking ahead to the seasons, a new book launch, a new garden season, a summer visit with our girls. I love my comfortable home , our dwindling wood pile, our evenings , Sunday suppers, time with friends , time to work. This morning I think of Ashlie at her new job and this next stage of her and Caleb’s life. Oh how quickly the years go by and land you in another stage. Each stage brings its own challenges and its own rewards.Today I will enjoy the perks of the stage I’m in.


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