A King Among Men

May 15, 2020

I knew this day would come which does not make it any easier . Alice who has watched her beloved husband’s gradual and serious decline for months was overwhelmed with the depth of despair she felt when he took his last breath. Of course this is the way of it. We can tell ourselves a million times that it is coming, prepare ourselves in a surface way, even pray for the end to come but the abruptness and finality of the death, the separation, the before and after is monumental and must be endured. Nothing easy about any of it. The things we tell ourselves are comforting, ‘he had a good life’ ‘he lived the way he wanted’ he had seventy five years’ and on and on and all of that is true of course. Good memories will be treasured, kind words and prayers will abound but still the reality is brutal. The loneliness, indecision, regrets, and second guessing, blame and anger,disbelief and despair will accompany the loss.Paul Edson was a great man. He was wise, kind, positive, grateful, loving, loyal, hard working, generous, and patient. He gave his all to his wife, his kids, his grand kids, his siblings , friends and neighbors. And he loved his yard, his front veranda , his history channel,his garage, his dog and his deer.He was rock solid for his wife while at the same time willing to pretty much go along with whatever she said. He loved his time at the trailer and his friends Richard and Charlene.Burton and I will miss him like crazy. We have a treasure trove of wonderful , warm and funny memories. We will miss his slow cooker creations, his predicable quotes and his genuine interest in everything. Our kids love him like an an uncle and his influence in their lives runs deep. Go in peace Paul. You have fought the good fight and have made us all proud to say we knew you.


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