What Today Is

May 23, 2020

I got a reminder yesterday from my blog coach (daughter)that I had not written since last Friday.I did consent to write one this morning so here goes. In beginning this day I can’t help but think what today would be . I got a reminder on my phone first thing that today was the NB Book Awards Gala.I thought many times on Thursday that it would have been launch day. I would be in Fredericton giving a young writers workshop and last night I would have given out the awards for the WFNB’s writing competition winners.I would be attending the Gala tonight and Fear of Drowning would or would not win.Would have been , should have been , would be but I’m not. The Kingston Farmer’s Market opened today and I am not there either. With no new book to sell and strict regulations I have decided to wait awhile before returning. I wish the new manager, the board , vendors and all the market goers the best this morning. So back to what today is instead of all it could have been. It is sunny and beautiful. Yesterday was the first day at Marlene’s camp which is always a season indicator. Yesterday I wrote my journal and had my coffee on the front veranda for the first time. My grand kids got in the lake yesterday for their first swim of the season. I put my feet in but didn’t take the plunge.I have the garden started and today I will continue planting.May as most months it seems is barreling by. It has brought sadness and loss and I hold my friend Alice in my thoughts as she finds her way.Change and challenge is constant as we begin to open up and adapt to Phases and plans to deal with Covid 19 concerns. We are weary and wounded and wary. Life is the same and so different.Summer plans will be adapted. I will get in the lake. Seeds will germinate and green shoots will break through the earth. Alice will face all the firsts,the heartbreak and the loneliness. I need on this day to take a really big gulp of one day at a time.Do the work, dream the dream, put one foot in front of the other , count your blessings and don’t borrow troubles from another day.You can do this.


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