A Special Joy in June

Jun 9, 2018

I have had some wonderful school visits this year and I have written about each one. I try for a balance of writing activities and actual writing time. This year I prepared a package for almost every school in the Anglophone South district.After sending the fifty or so envelopes I’d hoped I hadn’t bitten off more than I could chew. I find school visits very rewarding but extremely exhausting. I try not to do two back to back. Two a month is perfect. So as we come to the end of another school year I reflect on the visits that were and am perfectly happy with the ones that presented themselves. Some interest in May and June has been put over to the fall and I look forward to following up on them. I went to some repeat schools and some I had never been in before. It was a lovely mix. On Friday I had the pleasure of meeting with a Book and Movie book club at Harry Miller Middle School. It was wonderful. From the moment I walked in the door I felt the welcoming atmosphere. Bonnie Demmons , the principal went out of her way to make my visit special. She leads a great group of kids who love to read and we had a great time together. They chose books of mine to read over the summer and will decide in the fall which one would make the best movie. How fun is that! Chloe, Marin, Olivia , Kaley,Cait, Brooke, Sarah, Abby and Allie along with the librarian and the principal and I had a great time talking books, writing , reading and movies. We had a nice lunch together and I ended my school visit year on a wonderful note. Sorry Eli was sick and couldn’t join us and I hope I didn’t forget anyone. Have a great summer kids. Swim,travel, play, sleep, dream and read! I know I plan to.


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