A Walk around the Block

Jul 12, 2021

This is a glorious morning. Before I settled down to work I took a quick walk around the block. Except for the blister on my right heel the walk was wonderful. I love the architecture, the color and the feel of the city. I love the trees, the flowers , the people and the mix of old and new. A friend was here yesterday and said ‘who knew that my friend Sue would be living in the city?’ Who knew indeed? But for me right now it is exactly where I want to be. I am writing this summer and instead of weeding and tending to a large garden I am tending to myself. This does not come easy as a wife, mother and grandmother who has been in the habit of taking care of everyone else. I will walk every day and still look up to the sky. The beautiful sky that was above me on every wood road walk and every time I swam in my beloved lake is still the sky above me . The people , place and purpose that guided me still guides but for now I check my own well being first. My publicist on our Zoom meeting this morning noticed right away I was in a different room. A different room and a much different mind set. But all good I said and for now I do believe it. Let’s all look out for our own well being in whatever we are given in this life. And let’s all look to the sky.



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