There Will Always be Flowers

Jul 5, 2021

 For those of you who read my blog regularly you may have noticed I’ve been absent. Busy, I might say. Away. I might tell you. All true but so much more. Life has taken a turn I didn’t see coming but on some level I always knew it was a possibility. I will not go in to any detail as the upheaval is personal and complex. I have relocated and in the emotional turmoil of decision ,planning and processing I stated that I would always have fresh flowers. On day one I bought myself a bouquet and my wonderful friend who was helping with the move brought me a lovely purple and yellow arrangement. On the morning of the day in which I would actually sleep in my new small space, a kind woman gifted me a sweet bouquet of her garden grown flowers. So on this day when I finally feel able to write a blog entry I am surrounded by fresh flowers as I gaze out at city streets not rolling hills, pasture, cows, chickens and  my country normal. Strange but good when normal isn’t working. I am fine, as fine as can be expected. My people will be fine and on this day I cling to love and hope. The challenges ahead will not be easy. Hearts are broken and healing will not come without effort and intention. But there will always be flowers!


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