About Time

Nov 26, 2018

One of my favorite movies is “About Time”. I have watched this movie many many times.Spending time with the story, the characters , the wisdom of that movie always fills my heart and drains my tear ducts. Last night was no exception. The time travelling main character and his father can go back to previous days , previous experiences , mistakes , and have a do over. They can also go back and truly appreciate the day that passed in a blur or in the throes of stress, worry or frustration. The most moving scene in the movie is when the father and son break the rules and go all the way back to a day when the boy was a child. The father and son walk along a path toward the ocean’s edge and throw rocks, wade knee deep in the water and sit together on the shore. The days that matter I used to call them. There are so many days I would revisit to fix, to change, to alter the course. But just as the character learns changing the past drastically changes the present and the future and of course is not in our control. But reclaiming a single day would be so nice. Memories, journals, photographs can give us a glimpse of those treasured days. For me it is a day in January, New Years day actually. I have a toddler on a sled I’m pulling down a snowy wood road. My six year old son, my five year old nephew and my nine year old daughter zig zag along the trail in and out of the woods and deep snow, the noon sun strong in the blue sky above. We are taking a picnic lunch to my husband and my thirteen year old son who are working in the woods. We stopped just a ways away from where that six year old boy as a man has now built his beautiful home . We lay out the picnic. We sit on a log, eat sandwiches, drink hot chocolate. When New Years day 2019 comes it will be twenty seven years from that sunny afternoon. So many days and years have passed but the treasure of that day remains and can not be taken from us.It is all ‘about time’


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