I Love November

Nov 19, 2018

My heart is full. I feel like the little girl in a commercial for something that was on TV a few years ago who recites all the things she loves in her life.This is an exercise we all should participate in every day. Today for me the list seems long. I could possibly write a matching list for worries, disappointments, imperfections and failures but I refuse to concentrate on those lists . I just heard a piece on CBC about the passing of William Goldman. I may have missed some of the details but he wrote Princess Bride and I zeroed in on the facts about the making of that movie. I love the movie Princess Bride. I love the memories of watching it with my kids and their attachment to it. I love the memory of one line of dialogue in particular that my daughter misquoted.I love Mandy Patinkin. I love that my granddaughters loved the movie as we watched it together this summer.I love Mondays and time in my office. I love the anticipation of beginning the edits on my next book. I love the privilege I have of finding judges for our upcoming WFNB Writing Competition. I love giving writers a chance to submit their work find their confidence and make their way. It all starts with a story worth telling . Yesterday I went to hear Douglas Gibson. He was so personable, so warm and witty and so knowledgeable about so much of Canada’s literary past.He told wonderful little stories about Alice Munro, W.O. Mitchell, Alistair MacLeod just to name a few. And he told sweet stories about himself.I love that before that I got to attend the morning service at the Long Reach United Church. This quaint little church sits on a hill overlooking the beautiful Saint John River and holds a special place in my heart. Looking out the window at the stunning view and gazing at the gorgeous woodwork and lovely embossed ceiling while the church filled with song prayer and fellowship filled my heart. I watched as Tony and Tracey stood with their precious little boy to have him baptized and welcomed into the family of relatives and neighbors filling the pews. I love all that means , all the ties to past , present and future. I felt honored to have been there and witness the water dripping on little Jack’s head.I love where I am in my life , my story and how all the pieces connect.I love a snow cover that makes me feel the tug of winter, of sparkling lights, rum and eggnog, of Christmas.I love that my nephew is tackling the cleaning and organizing of our basement. I could write an entire blog about our basement but I prefer to stay away from it physically, emotionally and psychologically.I love possibility, goals and steps forward.


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