Always Missing Them

Nov 15, 2018

I was fired up to write this entry after listening to the news this morning but mellowed a bit when in my news feed I read a post from a friend. Today that friend writes that fourteen years ago they lost a huge part of their lives when they lost their son.On the news report the reporter said ” even after 25 years they still miss their daughter” This is a family who faced the disappearance of their daughter, the finding of what they are told are her remains and the horror of knowing she had been murdered. And the reporter says even after 25 years they still miss her. Statements like that really piss me off. I want to scream and ask every parent if their child no matter what age they are are still a part of their lives and their thoughts. So why do people assume that after years pass you will not miss them.Cut off an arm and you will miss it forever. I know people realize this but why are statements dismissing that loss so casually made. Shortly after Zac died I saw a newspaper photograph of a mother who lost her son at the Kent State University shootings which was over thirty years ago at the time. I was overcome by the sorrow on her face. I put that photo on my bulletin board . It told me two things; a mother can survive and go on,and a mother’s sorrow never ends.That is all I’ve got to say this morning!


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