Closing Time

Nov 8, 2018

” You can’t stay here.”I began this entry over a week ago. After a wonderful retreat which took me away from this continent, across the ocean and to a lovely villa in Italy I had just arrived back home hours before. With so much to process, a tired and weary body and brain I woke up with a line from the song Closing Time. Right away my thoughts went to two beautiful women no longer with us. Later that day I would gather with others to celebrate the life of Irene McWhirter. Irene lived her 91 years with grace, elegance and humor. She always presented herself at her very best. She and Mom were good friends and shared many good times together. Now they have both left us.It was their time to go.Yesterday I told my daughter about a man who just died in our community. I said he was young,72. She commented. ” We are calling 72 young now?” I quickly said yes. Funny how the view of young and old changes as one ages.So many viewpoints change as we change. I have now traveled to Europe and see the possibilities for future travel being wide open to me. I have with my own eyes seen the beautiful landscape of Italy, stood before ancient architecture, history and renowned paintings and statues. I stood within arms length of Michelangelo’s David.I spent a week in the cradle of the Renaissance. Each day brought its own special gifts and then the week wound down. In a rainstorm we left our villa in the middle of the night and drove to the airport. My wonderful Italy experience came to a close and I came home.I had a dream last night that I was taken back to 1986. In my dream I quickly assessed the fact that Zac would be almost eight, Meg was four and Chapin was one. I let the dream take me back to those days and woke up so disappointed that while awake I can only get a brief memory of those days. They passed so quickly.” You can’t stay here.” This day , November 8.,2018 will unfold and be gone. It will be just one tiny fraction of the life I will live. Closing time will come as it has come for Mom and Irene. My past days are only available in memory and sometimes in dreams.So it behooves us all to be here while we are here. Live to your best self, dream the dreams, eat the cake, travel to Italy, love the people in your life in every single stage and in all things be thankful!Stand in front of the beauty you see every day and marvel at the gift you have been given.


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