A Beautiful Stay at Home Day

Oct 21, 2018

Zac used to have a tee shirt that said ‘My sit around and do absolutely nothing shirt’. I don’t have a shirt that says that and I rarely sit and do nothing but today I would want my tee shirt to say ‘Stay home and do next to nothing and only do what I feel like doing’. Way too long and not a catchy slogan but today my last day before my Italy trip is going to be whatever I feel like it being. Yesterday I went to the market. It was slow and definitely winding down for the season. The blustery weather felt appropriate for the change of season.I only sold three books but enjoyed the morning. I will miss my market mornings. Dad came over for breakfast and on the 20th anniversary of the market it seemed fitting to see the man there that was such a part of building it and helping it thrive in those twenty years.Burton picked Dad up and together they prepared the place for Mom’s burial. We met as a family and laid her to rest at around 3:00. The clouds parted , blue sky appeared and the sun shone brightly down upon us. We stood in that small churchyard overlooking the beautiful Saint John river and said our goodbyes. It was perfect.We came back and talked and ate together and reflected on the journey. I am proud to say we faced the last months together as a strong and loving family unit each one stepping up to do what each day and hour required of them. I do believe Mom would be proud of each one of us. Now as we find our way toward what comes next we take that confidence and closeness with us. So today I will settle. I will try to rest and regroup and prepare for another type of journey. This journey will see me board a plane and leave this continent for the first time. I am so looking forward to whatever lies ahead and believe I have made all the necessary preparations. I am so thankful for the opportunity and the perfect timing of this excursion. I will not be gone long and must say I am so looking forward to the coming home and the hunkering down for a winter of writing and doing what I feel like doing.


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