Two Sam’s, Six Future Nurses and an Author at Starbucks

Oct 18, 2018

Book clubs come in all shapes and sizes. Yesterday’s book club came in the shape of six future nurses.I met the group at a long table in the west side Starbucks. From the first moment I joined them it became evident that the little book they were holding had made a big impact. How thrilling for this author, this teacher and this mother.I asked first how they had stumbled upon The Year Mrs. Montague Cried and was so pleased to hear it was given to them as part of a list of books to choose for the study and presentation they were required to do for one of their classes.It thrilled me even more to hear that as they tried to find enough copies of the book,former nursing students who had used the book in previous years were unwilling to part with their copies. I have often said that the measure of a good book for me is one that I hug closely to my heart after I finish reading it and one I place in my book shelf so I can return to it whenever I want to.Yesterday I signed the student’s own copies for them and take such joy in knowing they feel the same way about my little book.I say little book because it is a slim volume of just 158 pages ; a quick read of short journal entries,but it packs a punch. The questions and discussion of so many aspects of the story was proof of that and even the girl at the other end of the table who was not involved in the book club was caught up in the power of this little book. I am proud of this of course but see the story within the pages as much more than my story. It is the universal story of love , loss, family, suffering, fear, laughter and courage, challenge and accomplishment.Thank you for inviting me fourth year students, future nurses and caregivers. Thanks Jenn, Jenna, Scott, Sam , Sam and Huijin for letting one little book speak volumes about the caring, compassion and understanding needed in your chosen profession.


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