And On We Go

Jan 2, 2020

I am in my office for the day and so excited to be here.Christmas has consumed my time and for that I am grateful. I managed to squeeze in a few sessions of work as I began the first round of edits for When the Hill Came Down but today I get to tackle them full on. But sitting down at my desk I felt the need to write a blog entry heralding the new year. We are in the 2020’s. Crazy!How very quickly the years, the decades and life goes by. I will not spend this time listing the details of 2019. It was a year lived and here we are ready to go again. Yesterday we had a wonderful crowd of family and friends gather in around our table and share food, conversation, games , laughter and story. I watched three of my precious grandchildren zig zag through the crowd filling the house with their wonderful youthfulness and zest for life.We filled our plates with the bounty we have been blessed with.I loved every minute of it.Years ago battling the let down New Years day brought after all the excitement of Christmas I began the New Years Day get together. Yesterdays’ crowd brings a smile to my face but on this quiet morning thoughts of the absent guests carries some sadness ,concern and worry.Our close friends Paul and Alice were not with us. For years Paul and Alice have attended every family get together and they were dearly missed yesterday. Our prayers are with Paul as he struggles with serious medical challenges.Loved ones were mourned and missed . We know not what this year will bring but hold tight to the gift of family and friends, memory and connection. In 2020 we will break bread together, we will love and support one another and on we will go.


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