The Worthlessness of Worry

Jan 8, 2020

I have a problem with worrying. I came by it honestly because my mother was a champ. I could step back and see the futility of her worry and give my two cents worth but here I am caught up in it myself. I give myself regular talks about the worthlessness of worry. I regularly list my blessings and try to put my concerns in perspective. I know much of what I worry about I build up to be bigger than it is. I also know how little control I have in any of it. But in the night when I wake up and lie there my mind goes on a worry fest and I feel so powerless to combat it.My youngest son has always had a way of snapping me out of my current worry.I know his wisdom is right on but it does not keep me from going right to the worry again. What is worry ? The dictionary definition says things like ;feel anxious,annoy,a cause of trouble. The dictionary actually uses the sentence A mother has many worries as an example of the word usage.All this I know . Why worry , be happy. Why indeed.I am weary of worry and find myself wishing for a worry free mind. I do not believe that possible and see the love and concern I have for my loved ones as a gift not a curse. But in the light of day I must empower myself with the tools to battle the hopelessness of worry that grips me in the dark. I must continue to shed light on my blessings , put my feet on the floor and face the day. I must also accept the reality of a mother’s heart and be thankful for it.


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