And Suddenly it is Spring

Mar 21, 2023

The sun is streaming though my office window this morning and I feel the heat of it. Our yard is muddy and all the snow has melted off our roof. Snow banks are dwindling and the air feels so different. These are familiar signs of the season change that welcomes Spring. It astounds me just how quickly days, weeks and months go by and how the rotation of seasons seems to sneak up on me. So on this first day of Spring I look ahead anticipating the snow disappearing , the mud drying up and continuing work on our new property. I look forward to an April writing retreat in London. I await the interior of my next book and seeing it sent to the printer. I look forward to the start up of the Kingston Farmer’s Market and market Saturday’s to meet new and old readers. I will be happy to offer my twelve titles and add the thirteenth one whenever it arrives. I will continue to work on the novel I am crafting. I have a Writer’s in the School visit to prepare for and a National Public Reading to do when my new book arrives. How wonderful the four seasons are and how grateful I am to embrace whatever gifts and challenges the Spring of 2023 offers.


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