To Beat the Cold

Feb 25, 2023

On this cold February morning sunshine is streaming in my office window. Yesterday’s snow covered the ice and I am a bit reluctant to step outside. So for now I will stay in and think ahead to warmer days. I have so much to look forward to. This week came with encouraging writer moments. My editor worked through the second round of edits I sent back and declared it good to go. So now the next stage and soon I will receive the finished interior of my thirteenth book. I certainly look to that with anticipation. I received a nice PLR cheque on Thursday and will send that along to pay for a Writer’s Retreat in London I will attend in April. I expect to experience a lovely spring in the Cotswold’s. I got approval for a June National Public Reading which I will conduct when I hold a copy of The Way I Feel in my hands. I have a WISP visit in March and a Library reading in April. I am moving my WIP along slowly but surely. And the other day on my walk I gazed upon cracked ice surrounding the rock where I enter my lake and imagined my first lake swim of 2023. The hope of warmer days and many blessings are mine to embrace on this cold day.


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