January Days and Websites

Jan 17, 2023

I said more info would follow and here it is. In September I started talking to Matthew Woodley about creating me a website. We made a plan and began the process. After returning from Scotland at the end of September we had another meeting and got the ball rolling. Tracey Belsher my publicist helped round up text and images and the three of us made some headway. For me October and November were taken up largely with the colossal undertaking of moving out of the big house we inhabited for thirty six years. Lots of challenges getting everything in place for our end of November move into our new home certainly tapped my energy both physically and mentally. Matt also faced some challenges and set backs but we kept forging away . This week my website was up and running and we made a few tweaks and additions. I am now writing my blog entries on a different platform and I have some learning to do. We shall see how it goes.


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