And Then it is September Again

Sep 2, 2019

I love September. I love the change in the air and the buzz of excitement as school starts up again and the season begins to gradually change. I love returning to my desk and I look forward to the approaching days and weeks. This September brings travel and adventure and I am looking forward to that. At the same time part of me is lamenting leaving the place I love during the month I love. I remember being home on mat leave after Chapin was born and loving the beautiful September days. I expect to get in the lake a few more times but don’t think my total of swims will match last years . I was later getting in I guess but didn’t miss many days of the wonderful gift my lake is to me.Somehow I will manage without the peace and healing it provides anticipating returning to its waters next year. I will find that peace and comfort on my wood road walks.I will watch the leaves turn on the trees and feel the cooling temperatures. Renovations will be completed and winter’s wood will be brought in. I will after returning from my travels get back to the work I love.We will celebrate three family birthdays and acknowledge the first anniversary of Mom’s passing. Today on the day that always brought transition from summer to a busy September I will celebrate the wonderful feeling of welcoming whatever will be . Labor day,summer’s last holiday, a day to reflect, rally and regroup.Thank you July and August for all you were and bring on September!


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